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Impact of you tube on millennials buying decision

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Objective: Customer thinks many times before the purchase of service or product. Many people prefer different sources to identify its legality, such as YouTube, friends, and relatives influencing their purchase decision. Therefore, the main aim of the research reflects on the factors influencing millennial buying decisions while referring to YouTube. Method: Through the structured questionnaire using the Likert scale, the data has been collected through an online survey where research found 132 respondents as sample size. The one-sample test has been computed to prove the significance of four factors. Findings: The study found there are four factors (Presentation of Product, Feedback of Customers, Trust on Familiar Channels, and Satisfaction Level) that have a significant impact of YouTube on millennials’ buying behavior. Practical Implication: An implementation of such factors could work for them if applied effectively and attractively. Consumers only want accurate and trustworthy detail so that they can think about purchasing. Originality/Value: By applying theories and evaluating the buying behavior of millennials, researchers have studied the impact of YouTube on the purchase intention of millennials, but significant factors have not come out. The current research considers such factors what millennials see on YouTube and impacts on their purchase decision


Abhishek Miya, Vishal Pradhan. IMPACT OF YOU TUBE ON MILLENNIALS BUYING DECISION. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.734-742; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.734742; Available from:


YouTube,  Millennials,  Channel,  Influencing factors,  Buying behavior
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