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Factors influencing customer grocery shopping behaviour amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Purpose: The paper attempts to understand and analyze the factors that influence different types of end consumer's behavior while shopping for groceries both online and offline, considering the Covid-19 pandemic situations. Design/ Method/ Approach: A sample size of 145 members of age varying from 18 to 60 were surveyed through a digital form of a questionnaire. Few factors which generally impact the customer’s shopping behavior were categorized into six different factors: Purchase, Personal, Behavioral, Operational, Customer Engagement, and Pandemic factors. The respondents were asked to rank the elements according to their preferences. Findings: Factors like Quality of the Product, Hygiene practices followed by the delivery person, representation of products on website/application, Accessibility and Availability of the products were given priority amid pandemic, over other factors which influence customers shopping behavior. We have also found that FMCG advertisements that promise hygiene and safety during product delivery convinced the respondents, convinced the respondents. Practical Implications: The study gives an understanding of the factors influencing the retail customers amid the pandemic. This study can develop marketing strategies to target the middle-class and age group of 18-45.Originality/ Value: Factors influencing the customer’s decision to buy groceries online amid the Covid-19 pandemic induced consumer shopping behavior and preferences. Furthermore, the results show how the respondents were affected by the Hygiene promotions made by FMCG companies during the lockdown.


Wundavalli Agasthya Rushi , Vishal Pradhan. Factors Influencing Customer Grocery Shopping BehaviourAmid Covid-19 Pandemic. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.743-755; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.743755; Available from:


Pandemic grocery shopping,  Pandemic factors,  E‑commerce,  FMCG,  Decision‑Making process,  Consumer Behavior,  Covid-19
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