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Factors delaying the Diagnosis of Oral Cancer in India: A clinical insight


Background: Cancer of the oral cavity is described as the uncontrolled proliferation of cells that can be observed in the Oral cavity. The sore in the mouth could resemble a growth or an open sore, but it won't go away. Cancers of the lips, tongue, cheeks, floor of the mouth, hard and soft palates, sinuses, and throat can develop in the oral cavity. Oral squamous cell carcinoma is the most prevalent kind of cancer found in mouths and throats. It is well knowledge that tobacco uses in any form, including smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol consumption, has a substantial influence in the development of oral cancer. It would indicate that patients were unaware of this connection, despite the fact that this is widespread knowledge among medical professionals. Objective: To assess delay in diagnosis of oral cancer. We carried out prospective research on people who had been given a diagnosis of oral cancer. This research paper looks at the disease's prevalence, the major risk factors for developing oral cancer in India, which include drinking alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, and Human papilloma virus (HPV) infections, as well as methods for preventing and treating oral cancer there. Methods: To conduct this study Questionnaires were delivered, assessing oral habits, detect early sign of oral cancer and reasons for delay oral cancer treatment. The analysis made use of the statistical programme SPSS. Design: Cross-sectional questionnaire-based study. Result: There were a total of 150 people that took part in the survey. According to this, 68.7 % of oral cancer cases are caused by smoking, 60 % by drinking alcohol, and 65.3 % by chewing tobacco. It was shown that the level of awareness was directly linked to the education level. Conclusions: The awareness level of oral cancer in this high-risk community was excellent; however, significant gaps exist, pointing to the need for focused health education as well as counseling to help individuals quit risk factors.


Rahul Kumar Singh, Raj K Kovid, Sachidanand Jee Bharati, Jyoti Batra, Deepak Saini, Akansha Singh, Suyash Saxena, Rahul Saxena, Ajit Pal Singh. Factors delaying the Diagnosis of Oral Cancer in India: A clinical insight. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.1411-1418; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.14111418; Available from:


Diagnosis,  Delay,  Oral cavity,  Mouth cancer,  Early detection,  India
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