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Estimating the levels of β hcg during second trimester to alert hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

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BackGround: The current study aims to estimate the levels of β HCG among antenatal mothers during second trimester to alert hypertensive disorders during pregnancy. Methods And Materials: The quantitative approach with prospective cohort study was conducted in the host institution of Saveetha Medical College And Hospitals. A total of 100 study participants were recruited using purposive sampling technique based on the inclusion criteria, the demographic and clinical data was collected by using a self-structured questionnaire and the levels of serum β- HCG was estimated during13-26 weeks and the development of gestational hypertension was monitored for all the study participants by following them till 27-38 weeks of gestation Results : The outcome of study results identified that, the mean score of serum β-HCG levels was 99784.51±168540.29.The minimum score was 34765.0 and the maximum score of 1383678.0. The median was 69056.0. Majority of second trimester mothers with elevated Serum β-HCG levels had an elevated levels of proteinuria, systolic and diastolic pressure associated with pedal edema during their third trimester of pregnancy. Conclusion: This study demonstrates a positive association between increased second trimester Serum β-HCG levels and hypertensive disorders during pregnancy.


Kala Barathi S., Sruthi Raj P., Padmapriya D.. Estimating the levels of β hcg during second trimester to alert hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.244-249; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.244249; Available from:


Antenatal Mothers,  Hypertensive Disorders,  Serum β-HCG levels
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