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Effectiveness of apple cider vinegar on reduction of hyperglycemia among diabetic clients

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BACKGROUND: As the prevalence of diabetes is high in the current scenario, globally it is very much essential to control diabetes as a nurse working in the medical profession. Apple cider vinegar has been proven to have beneficial effect in reducing hyperglycemia. PURPOSE: The current study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar on reduction of blood glucose level among diabetic clients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A quasi experimental pre-test and post test control group was conducted in the host institution of Saveetha Medical And Hospitals. There were 50 diabetic clients recruited using purposive sampling technique based on the inclusion criteria and the clients were divided into 2 groups ,25 in experimental group and control group respectively. A self-structured questionnaire method was used to collect the demographic and clinical data. The pre-test level of blood glucose was estimated in the laboratory. Followed by that, apple cider vinegar oral supplementation was given for one month of about 15ml once a day for the study participants in the experimental group and the study participants in the control group were continued with their own medications and the post-test level of blood glucose were reassessed after one month in both the groups. RESULTS: The results revealed that, pre-test mean score of fasting blood sugar is 159.36 with standard deviation 81.37 , in post-test mean score 122.28 with SD 53.66 , calculated paired t test value t= 4.501 at level of p<0.001. The pre-test mean score of post prandial sugar is 248.44 with standard deviation 102.05 , in post-test mean score 187.36 with SD 57.28, calculated paired t test value t= 3.983 at level of p< 0.001. This clearly infers administration of apple cider vinegar was found to be effective in reducing blood glucose among diabetic clients.


Padmapriya D., Venugopal S., Logambal K.. Effectiveness of apple cider vinegar on reduction of hyperglycemia among diabetic clients. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.264-270; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.264270; Available from:


Apple cider vinegar,  Diabetic clients,  Hyperglycemia
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