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COVID-19 specific challenges and solutions in digital transformation for the retail sector

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Digital transformation is characterized by gathering individuals, data, and processes to generate value for online customers and stay competitive in the new consumer marketplace. This has increasingly become common in retail. Digital consumer retailers are experimenting with numerous ways to adapt to new shoppers' needs, attempting to combine the digital market with the conventional market, and finding various ways to revolutionize the digital transition of modern times. During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, traditional supply chains for food are challenged in an unprecedented manner. This paper recommends the rapid implementation of digital transformation to identify both immediate and mid-level goals which hold the key to sustainable growth and profit. In this paper, I've proposed three main solutions to the challenges mentioned above, which would help satisfy all demands and fulfill the customers' needs during this Covid-19. Still, it is also required to think that these solutions should give good results for technologically sound people like old generations. Hence, making those solutions user-friendly is the important way to be leveraged by all types of customers to improve their experiences effectively, which would also help grow business.


Sapna Gangawane, Mandaar Pande. Covid-19 Specific Challenges and Solutions in Digital Transformation for the Retail Sector. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.511-520; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.511520; Available from:


Digital Transformation,  Retail,  Consumers,  Clients,  Use Cases
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