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Why Maithili Cinema is Struggling Hard to Find Its True Identity: a Critical Study

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When people ignore their cinema, there is a danger of disappearance of it with the times. At such bad times for Maithili Cinema, it is worth struggling for this small regional language cinema through academic discussions. Despite having its diverse art and literature, Maithili cinema strives hard to tackle all those indifferences. People and government are solely responsible for this directionless journey of Maithili cinema, and the ignorance is majorly coming from their cultural etiquettes. The ignorance on the part of the government adds an unfamiliar condition for the cinema to sustain itself independently in Bihar. This study explores the root causes of the suffering of Maithili Cinema in its land and the financial discrimination between Bhojpuri language Cinema and Maithili language Cinema. Maithili Cinema is badly influenced by Bhojpuri Cinema in terms of content, losing its originality and independent identity. As the researcher did not find any scholarly documentation regarding Maithili Cinema, this fresh research is undertaken using a qualitative research methodology taking in-depth interviews of the experts in Maithili society.


Sumit Mishra, Mithunchandra Chaudhari. Why Maithili Cinema is Struggling Hard to Find Its True Identity: a Critical Study. Cardiometry; Issue 24; November 2022; p.686-691; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.24.686691; Available from:


Maithili Cinema,  Bhojpuri Cinema,  Maithili Culture,  Maithili Language,  Bihar,  Ignorance,  Documentation,  Mithilanchal Region
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