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What is in a Meme: Analysing the Perception of Gen Z to Memes and Virality in Modern Marketing

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As the world of marketing has progressed into the age of the Internet, new challenges and opportunities have emerged. The online world has become a forum for social networking sites where knowledge spreads like wildfire. This form of spread is also referred to as viral because it is distributed from person to person rapidly. Companies have already started to pick up on this trend and have recognized the opportunity behind it; however, there is not enough research exploring what makes viral distribution happen and how marketers should leverage or manipulate this idea. This research is focused on a methodological analysis of an exploratory type with an antecedent theoretical context. By collating insights and evidence from published works on the themes of virality and memes, the paper seeks to build on current ideas and address them in the sense of the contemporary online climate. The paper identifies the rising Generation Z as a new disruptive player in the arena of purchase decisions that marketers must acknowledge and keep in mind when formulating and executing their marketing efforts online. The conclusion of this analysis indicates that although the theoretical framework of what we know memes and social media marketing is still relevant, it needs to be applied further, in a constantly adapting and up to date with the changing social and political landscape of society. However, a longer quantitative analysis with a substantial sample size representative of Gen Z candidates can result in a deeper understanding of memes, viral content, and how companies can utilize them to moderate profitable consumer activity within the online community.


Illisha Kala, Sanjay Pawar. What is in a Meme: Analysing the Perception of Gen Z to Memes and Virality in Modern Marketing. Cardiometry; Issue 24; November 2022; p.737-742; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.24.737742; Available from:


Marketing,  Memes,  Viral,  Meme Marketing,  Generation Z,  Quantitative Analysis
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