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Study and Evaluation of Sales and Marketing Strategies of Grocery Shops in Jabalpur City

* Corresponding author

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Recent interest in “marketing techniques” has intensified the emphasis on temporary changes in retail types such as malls, hyper/supermarkets, grocery stores, department stores, discount stores, and convenience stores. This research found that four marketing elements, namely product, price, location, and promotion, have a major impact on modern marketing and customer satisfaction. Following a brief analysis, this paper aims to evaluate retailers’ effective marketing strategies and apply them across new retail formats to improve their sales. The marketing strategy and the actions of the Retailers differ from one location to another. There is a common belief that persons with varying levels of income live in different regions. This research was undertaken to determine the variations in the marketing strategies of grocery store owners because of variations in locations, or rural areas cantered on this presumption. For the thesis, grocery store owners of numerous Jabalpur city locations are considered. The areas were chosen based on the living area of a specific income group of people. Expected Outcome: The retailer can leverage the study for effective marketing. The study will help to do smart marketing for the retail industry.


Runay Nandekar, Raghav Sandhane. Study and Evaluation of Sales and Marketing Strategies of Grocery Shops in Jabalpur City. Cardiometry; Issue 24; November 2022; p.718-728; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.24.718728; Available from:


Retail Marketing,  Marketing strategy,  Small Retail Shops,  Location-based marketing strategy,  Marketing techniques
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