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Perceived Popularity of TikTok among Gen-Z

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With web-based media, there developed huge open doors for individuals to develop their thoughts, interests, business, brands, or just themselves. Different applications cleared the way; however, just a couple of them were acknowledged by the crowd to endure and remain in the evolving scene. In such a domain, video content utilization and creation kept developing and growing with included highlights and channels, which brought forth the short-structure video creation application TikTok in 2016, hailing from Beijing. TikTok is a free short video-making application that is accessible on both AppStore and Google Play. It is difficult to look here and there to watch different recordings, remake, download, and share, make duets, and utilize various channels and sounds. The application broke the web due to its intriguing outcomes through the least endeavors. Fifteen seconds of name, fame, and achievement – TikTok is the main objective for short-structure versatile video. It is principally famous in pre-adolescents and teenagers; numerous youths are getting well known; however, at this stage. There are numerous major parts in the video stage like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. TikTok has its clients in millions everywhere over the world, including India. TikTok turned into another subculture that is arbitrary, chaotic, and addictive for the teenagers of the world. The application was a significant hit for Gen Z, as it involved the greater part of the dynamic clients and substance makers. TikTok optimizes content based on user-centric theory, user experience theory, UGC, and suggested algorithms, increasing consumer loyalty towards the app. This paper centers on building up and understanding the purpose for the enormous fame and development of Gen Z’s application as of late through a research paper.


Pooja Jain, Josraj Arakkal. Perceived Popularity of TikTok among Gen-Z. Cardiometry; Issue 24; November 2022; p.896-902; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.24.896902; Available from:


TikTok app,  Gen Z,  Perceived Popularity,  User-Experience theory,  UGC,  Suggested algorithm
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