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Functional state of the cardiovascular system in women during pregnancy

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The article presents the results of studying the effect of pregnancy on the functional state of the cardiovascular system in women. Their evaluation indicates that during pregnancy there is a significant increase in heart rate, arterial blood pressure, systolic blood volume (SBV), minute blood volume (MBV), circulatory efficiency ratio (CER), a significant decrease in the total peripheral vascular resistance (TPVR), a significant fluctuation in both directions in the pulse pressure (PP), the average dynamic arterial pressure (ADAP) and the endurance factor (EF) in women. By the end of pregnancy, the heart rate increased to 89.1 beats per minute (P < 0.001), systolic blood pressure increased to 151.5 mm Hg (P < 0.001), diastolic pressure up to 92.7 (P < 0.001), while in reference group women the values thereof were recorded to be 71.2 beats per minute, 121.6 and 81.3 mm Hg, respectively. The mean values of PP and ADAP in the second trimester decreased to 36.5 (P < 0.02) and 87.9 (P < 0.01) mm Hg, respectively, and in the third trimester they increased to 58.8 (P < 0.001) and 117.4 (P < 0.001), while in the non-pregnant women they were reported to be 40.3 and 97.9, accordingly. SBV reached its maximum value of 61.1 ml (P < 0.02), in the middle period of pregnancy, and MBV reached 5.4 l/min (P < 0.001), and CER was recorded to be 5250 at the end of pregnancy, while the in women of the reference group they were reported to be 57.9 ml, 4.1 l/min and 2875, respectively. The mean value of TPVR in the second trimester decreased to 1332 (P < 0.001) dyn·s·cm-5, and EF increased to 23.0 (P < 0.001), while in reference women they were recorded to be 1832 and 17.7, respectively.


Vakha A. Anzorov, Svetlana V. Moryakina. Functional state of the cardiovascular system in women during pregnancy. Cardiometry; Issue 24; November 2022; p.165-170; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.24.165170; Available from:


Pregnancy,  Heart rate,  Pulse pressure,  Systolic blood volume,  Endurance factor
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