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To Analyze the Level and Factors of Job Satisfaction across Different Generations in India during Covid-19

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Firstly, the motive behind this research is to know about the factors that lead to Job Satisfaction; secondly, the most authoritative factor of Job Satisfaction; thirdly, to find out which generation is the most satisfied with their current job across different generations of people. The study provides a descriptive and comparative analysis of working professionals during pandemic from all domains, industries, gender, age, and sectors across India selected based on random sampling using quantitative research methods. It aims to analyze the results on SPSS based on a survey in a close-ended and Likert-scale based questionnaire. Baby boomers are the most satisfied with their job. Generation X is satisfied but lesser than Baby Boomers. Generation Y and Generation Z are not satisfied. Still, Millennials are more satisfied than Generation Z. Their dominant factor for job satisfaction is Job Security, Work Culture, Equality, and Career Growth Opportunities. Not much research has been done on Gen Z by researchers, as they are young and will be entering the market. This study focuses on Gen Z. The findings will help analyze people of different ages to their work and participation levels. The HR could formulate their policies and practices according to the findings generated, which will help reshape their reward structure, decide how they can manage talent, control bad attrition, and a basis for further research, if anyone wants to study particularly about one factor.


Amisha, Philip Coelho, Sanjay Bhattacharya. To Analyze the Level and Factors of Job Satisfaction across Different Generations in India during Covid-19. Cardiometry; Issue 24; November 2022; p.625-634; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.24.625634; Available from:


Job satisfaction,  Baby Boomers,  Generation X,  Millennial,  Generation Z,  Job Security,  Work culture
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