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Workplace motivation and job satisfaction among generation y in India

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Employee work motivation and job satisfaction are dynamic and demanding goals for a business. It has been much more daunting in today's dynamic workforce. A business is a wonderful workspace that serves the expectations of each employee and motivates each one to achieve its objectives. The present research illustrates the desires and aspirations of various employees regarding work encouragement and satisfaction from the organization. The focus is on understanding specific characteristics, needs, and expectations of Generation Y, which in today's context are considered to be critical. There is also an emphasis on learning how and what motivates workers in Generation Y. In addition, racial and geographic diversity is often taken into consideration in this report. The company that recognizes the requirements and can help its workers improve is producing greater performance. In this analysis, a technique of the interview is used. A group of 254 workers from different backgrounds and ages is evaluated for the quantitative model. Any variables suggesting relevant HR behaviors are taken from earlier research in this report. In the study of human personal variations in organizational efficiency, the "locus of influence" aspect is often taken.


Stuti Sinha, Swati Vispute. Workplace motivation and job satisfaction among generation y in India. Cardiometry; Issue 22; May 2022; p.251257; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.22.251257; Available from:


Employment Participation,  Multiple markets and industries,  Jobs happiness,  Job achievement,  Employee satisfaction
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