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Relationship between spiritual intelligence (SI) & job satisfaction (JS) in millennials

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In this fast-paced lifestyle with escalating cases of anxiety and depression, millennial are trying to find meaning in life and at work. The presence of high-octane electronic media both in millennial' personal & professional life is making them more anxious about their career and personal beliefs. There is a belief that a person who exhibits spiritual intelligence is most likely to achieve a sense of job satisfaction in life. Various MNCs are organizing many programs to develop and enhance the employee’s spiritual intelligence. This paper focuses on millennial working in the Defense and IT field with empirical study to analyze the influence of spiritual intelligence on their job satisfaction. Dhamodharan and Ravikumar mention that millennial, born in the period between 1981-1995, witnessed consumerism and technological advancement worldwide. People born in this era were less exposed to traditional religious teaching due to changing social-cultural values; hence they indulge in spirituality to balance their lifestyle to optimize the basic value of life. Emmons mentions that “SI is a blend of internal & external structure: spirituality being an internal structure and intelligence as an external structure to create a new structure which evolves the person with remarkable capacities to practically use their spirituality on their everyday basis."


Rahul Singh, Urvashi Sharma, Jaya Chitranshi. Relationship between spiritual intelligence (SI) & job satisfaction (JS) in millennials. Cardiometry; Issue 22; May 2022; p.223-230; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.22.223230; Available from:


Defense,  Information technology,  Job satisfaction,  Millennial,  Spiritual intelligence
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