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Barriers to adoption of green buildings – a review

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The global construction sector accounts for 13.2% of the world GDP. It contributes to the world's economic growth engine and climate changes due to its high energy footprint. Sustainable buildings can reduce the adverse impacts of the construction industry, but their adoption is slow due to hindrances. The purpose of this paper is to extensively review the literature on barriers to green building adoption to date. Also, to highlight the overlapping and unique barriers specific to India compared to few prominent countries, provide solutions and recommendations for future research. The barriers were classified under Economic, Governmental, Organizational, and Social perception, Information, Technology, and material categories. Barriers unique to India and few others developing countries are an extension of project schedules, lack of research and developmental works, lack of public motivation, poor building code enforcement, high payback period, uncertain supply of green materials, improper implementation of policy framework, and performance of GBTs. The green building construction sector is fragmented around the world. Even green building definition is not the same globally, although the environmental aspect is the same. Similarly, there are unique and overlapping challenges in green building adoption globally. Buildings in usage perspectives can be classified into Residential and Non-residential. This study looks only at non-residential buildings due to their homogenous nature. There is a dearth of specific studies related to the adoption of green buildings in India. This study aims to fulfill India's standing in the barriers to green building adoption concerning the developed and developing countries.


Sayani Saha, Rahul Hiremath, P. Sanjay. Barriers to adoption of green buildings – a review . Cardiometry; Issue 22; May 2022; p.377-385; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.22.377385; Available from:


Green buildings,  Sustainable Innovation,  Barriers,  Organizational,  Social perception
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