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Development of modern technology for obtaining tinctures with sedative effect

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The aim of this work was to experimentally select the optimal conditions for obtaining a tincture with an effective sedative effect consisting of a mixture of common motherwort grass, medicinal lemon balm and nettle leaves in a ratio of (1:1:1) and the development of quality criteria for the finished product. The influence of the concentration of the extractant, the ratio of raw materials to extractant, the multiplicity of extraction and the mode of infusion with the use of auxiliary technologies (ultrasound treatment) on the yield of biologically active substances from the raw materials was studied. It has been established that the most acceptable way to obtain this tincture is maceration using ultrasound. This method allows us to obtain a tincture with a high yield of flavonoids with the minimum time used.


Holida M. Yunusova, Zilola V. Turdieva, Nargiza B. Ilkhamova. Development of modern technology for obtaining tinctures with sedative effect. Cardiometry; Issue 21; February 2021; p.90-94; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.21.9094; Available from:


Tincture,  Maceration,  Medicinal plant,  Flavonoids,  Extractant
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