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Use of Laser Technologies in Oncourology

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Due to the increasing use of laser technologies in oncourology, we consider it relevant to publish a review of domestic and foreign articles for 2015-2021. The range of application of various lasers in oncourology is very wide (holmium (Ho): YAG, thulium (Tm): YAG, etc.). In comparison with traditional surgical interventions, the greatest effectiveness of laser technologies in combination with endoscopy is clearly traced, the risks of intra - and postoperative complications are minimized, the period of inpatient stay for patients changes.


Andrey A. Lomshakov, Vadim V. Astashov. Use of Laser Technologies in Oncourology. Cardiometry; Issue 20; November 2021; p.44-46; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.20.4446; Available from:


Oncology,  Urology,  Laser,  Holmium laser (Ho): YAG,  Thulium laser (Tm): YAG
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