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Healthcare Consumer Behaviour: The Impact of Digital Transformation of Healthcare On Consumer

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Healthcare consumer behavior is influenced by the cumulative impact of internal/external factors. Individual considerations, and interplay amongst determinants, are both crucial. Today, customers demand more information, greater options, and real-time interactions. Customer engagement has become crucial. Digital Transformation with emerging technologies like AI, Blockchain, Telemedicine, etc., helps physicians, optimizes systems, improves patient experience, and reduces human errors. This paper discusses factors influencing healthcare consumers’ behavior and provides insights into digital technologies to enhance the consumer experience. The qualitative method is used by engaging a closed consumer group in discussion and through in-depth interviews. The analysis provides an insight into the behavior of healthcare consumers. The study finds that the new breed of consumers is well informed about healthcare providers' digital readiness. The factors influencing consumers to select healthcare providers include digital readiness of the healthcare provider, good customer experience, word of mouth, and brand image.


Sweety Chatterjee, Prasanna Kulkarni. Healthcare Consumer Behaviour: The Impact of Digital Transformation of Healthcare On Consumer. Cardiometry; Issue 20; November 2021; p.134-143; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.20.134143; Available from:


Digital transformation,  Consumer behavior,  Impact,  Healthcare
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