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A new method of effective training of crew members for long-term space mission

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The aim of the study is to select an effective method of system recovery of the organism for space pre-flight training to provide the normal long-term human stay in space.

Materials and methods

For this purpose, the method of acupuncture is used. Its distinctive feature is the needle acupuncture technique based on the fundamental knowledge of the classical Chinese Book of Changes. This technique was developed by Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine A.I. Falev (1953-2005) and improved by his followers. The above method allows awakening the energy of Chi in the human organism that in its turn initiates the therapeutic & health improving programs stored in the deepest layers of the human body nature.


As a result of the Chi energy awakening, a complex of therapeutic & health improving reactions stored in the human body nature initiates. During the treatment, uncontrolled movements of the body and limbs appear, and the patient involuntarily performs some elements of point and remote energetic massage, self-manual therapy, yoga exercises, health-improving breathing exercises. The health-improving reactions appearing thereafter restore the proper circulation of Chi energy in the organism that leads to true recovery and full health restoration.


This method of treatment based on the ancient techniques of acupuncture, aimed at awakening the Chi energy in the organism, can be effectively used in an integrated program of systematic health improvement of crew members during long-term space missions. This method is very efficient, does not require expensive equipment and is based exclusively on releasing hidden reserves stored in the human body.

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Victor N. Skakov. A new method of effective training of crew members for long-term space mission; Cardiometry; No.2; May 2013; p.136; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2013.2.136 Available from:


Acupuncture,  Chi energy,  Preflight training,  Space mission
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