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Season-related dynamics of cardiorespiratory capability varieties in students

* Corresponding author

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This research paper presents some data on varieties of cardiorespiratory indicators in students in the Chechen Republic, considering the autumn and spring periods. As a result from our study, we have found that with a decrease in the ambient air temperature the physical conditions of the female students are deteriorated (observed are the increased SAP, HR and the Kérdö index values). With an increase of the ambient air temperature, the parameters of vital capacity (VC) of the lungs, respiratory rates (RR), the values of the pulmonary functional tests by Stange and Genci become higher, and according to the adaptation potential data the adaptation capability demonstrated by the cardiovascular system is elevated.


Svetlana V. Moryakina, Vakha A. Anzorov. Season-related dynamics of cardiorespiratory capability varieties in students. Cardiometry; Issue 19; August 2021; p. 11-14; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.19.1114; Available from:


Students,  Seasonality,  Respiration system,  Cardiovascular system,  Test coefficients
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