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Monitoring of system hemodynamics in prevention of cardiovascular pathology

* Corresponding author

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A comprehensive study of the system hemodynamics has been conducted by us in different age-related groups; regularities of the age-linked dynamics of the main indicators thereof and their mutual interrelations have been investigated. We have justified some additional prediction factors responsible for the development of arterial hyperstension and the relevant patterns of prevention measures associated therewith.


Mikhail А. Yakushin, Roman V. Gorenkov, Аlexey P. Kudrin, Tatyana P. Vasilieva, Sergey Y. Yarotsky. Monitoring of system hemodynamics in prevention of cardiovascular pathology. Cardiometry; Issue 19; August 2021; p.43-47; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.19.4347; Available from:


System hemodynamics,  Personal profile of system hemodynamics,  Monitoring of system hemodynamics,  Arterial hypertension,  Prevention of arterial hypertension,  Volumetric compression oscillometry
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