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Dear Reader, the topical subject treated by this Journal issue is practice.

Based on our experience, we can state that applied Cardiometry doesn't come easy for cardiologists in practice. Therefore we decided to pay more attention to the way how it works in practice. In doing so, we asked Alexander Lotarev, who has already got a 5 year experience in Cardiometry in Costa Rica, to give a sort of his guidance to the beginners. So, we quote him on that:

Aleksander LotarevDear Readers! Let me introduce myself: my name is Alexander Lotarev, and I am a Doctor with an experience in healthcare practice over 30 years. For the past 15 years I have been working as a physician in my private practice in Costa Rica. For 5 years I have been supported in my practice with the Cardiocode device & technology. The most typical case of the Cardiocode application is when I deal with patients having unclear chest pain symptoms. This non-invasive medical device has been also successfully applied by me in sports medicine on the basis on my contracts concluded with the Costa-Rica Football Club, with the National Costa-Rica Taekwondo Federation as well as with some separate groups of swimmers and cycling athletes. It should be mentioned that Cardiocode has shown its undoubted superiority both for in- and out-of-office diagnostics as compared with conventional ECG and echocardiogram techniques or biochemistry testing. The undeniable advantages demonstrated by the Cardiocode instrumentation & technology cover the non-invasive express testing procedure, easiness in its use, the possibility to apply it out of office, the reliability and advanced user-friendly design that makes Cardiocode to be a worthy competitor best suitable for use under the hospital and field conditions. Cost-effectiveness of this device & technology and complete sets of data on the cardiovascular system performance, non-invasively delivered within the shortest time, save not only the doctor’s labor and time, but also the life of every patient. As to sports medicine, I can say that an eligible assessment of the potential high performance and risks in athletes applying Cardiocode is a sound foundation for making an optimal decision on strategy in the champion-level conditioning. The proper identification of the conditioning capabilities and their parameters allows specifying individual athlete’s conditioning schedule and choosing the best suited tactics. To summarize, I think it is reasonable to use Cardiocode in everyday’s medical practice since it facilitates making a differential diagnosis and selecting the most effective treatment method.

Sincerely yours, Editorial Board Cardiometry

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