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The present issue of our journal is of very special nature. We are constantly analyzing not only the readers’ focus of interest to the publications in our journal, but we are also tracing how cardiometry as a new science is realized by medical doctors and how they apply it in their practice. Undoubtedly, the mathematical fundamentals of hemodynamics are very difficult to understand not only by doctors, but even by mathematicians. Therefore, we have decided to collect in the first section of the present issue all the basic, previously published, mathematical concepts of hemodynamics as a complete collection part, in order to provide our readers with a convenient reference form. We think that this is an absolutely reasonable idea, since our journal always offers a thematic outline philosophy. We can see that it plays an important role in attracting the readers’ attention all over the world.

It should be stressed that actually cardiometry is a fast-developing scientific field. Therefore, another part of the present issue is devoted to cardiooculometry. By combining two devices, the eye tracker and the Cardiocode device, Russian Professor Alexander Sergeevich Ognev has obtained unique results: it has made it possible to find a relation between psychological responses/reactions and physiology. As a result, psychology has received a platform for its conversion to a natural science (!!!): the incredible dream has become true. A.S. Ognev has discovered a complete set of laws with deriving the respective axiomatic apparatus, which is capable of properly interpreting the observed phenomena. A refined logical analysis, based on the above laws and axiomatics, performed by him in the exquisite way, has made it possible to achieve in practice exclusive results that has never been done before. A.S. Ognev is the first who has transformed psychology into a natural science! His research works reveal the existing inadequacy of conventional approaches thereto by other scientific schools.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to immediately present his latest advancements to our esteemed Readers. It is scheduled that in our next issues we will publish further results of his original research.

Your feedback is very much appreciated! Join us and enjoy inspiring ideas in breaking through the science barrier!

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