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Standardization of the ECG on the basis of cardiac cycle phase analysis

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The article aims at describing the basic system criteria of the ECG interpretation on the basis of the cardiac cycle phase processes as well as systematizing these criteria for developing new standards for the ECG classification.

Materials and methods

An original ECG lead of the ascending aorta is proposed. It identifies the boundaries of the rapid and slow ejection phases. The concepts and description of the ECG waves are introduced. The amplitudes of the ECG waves are used to characterize the contraction of the muscles of the cardiovascular system segments.


The general principles of the ECG standardization based on the amplitude analysis of the ECG waves are described.


Development of the standardization system will contribute to quality improvement of the diagnostics performed by practising physicians.


Vladimir A. Zernov, Olga K. Voronova, Mikhail Y. Rudenko, Konstantine K. Mamberger, Dmitry F. Makedonsky, Sergey M. Rudenko, Yury V. Fedosov, Aleksander A. Dyuzhikov, Anatoly N. Orlov, Sergey V. Sobin. Standardization of the ECG on the basis of cardiac cycle phase analysis; Cardiometry; No.1; November 2012; p.102-125; DOI:10.12710/cardiometry.2012.1.101124 Available from:


Rheogram,  ECG,  Cardiometry,  ECG standartization
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