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Counselling to enhance resilience among alcohol dependence-pilot analysis

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India's reputation as a country withstrong abstinence culture, particularly when it comes to alcohol, is underappreciated.In recent years, the country has experienced a tremendous development of metropolitan pubs and nightclubs, and it is quickly losing its inhibitions about drinking as a lifestyle choice.This circumstance has sparked fears of an unreported surge in alcohol misuse, not only among the poorer classes, but even among hitherto dry portions of society. Drink-related disorders have already emerged as a serious public health concern in India due to increased production, distribution, and promotion of alcohol, and there has been a rapid change in patternsof alcohol consumption in India.Counseling focuses on helping people stop drinking alcohol and is followed up with life skills and social support to assist them avoid relapsing.The chance of developing an alcohol consumption disorder was considerably lowered when people were resilient. The link between resilience and alcohol use disorder was shown to be mostly due to shared genetic and environmental variables.Counseling assists persons who are addicted in setting short-term goals that are attainable and empowering, as well as long-term goals that may include repairing damaged relationships, accepting responsibility for acts, and letting go of guilt.


R. Ajitha Nancy Rani, V. Hemavathy. Counselling to enhance resilience among alcohol dependence-pilot analysis. Cardiometry; Issue 25; December 2022; p.75-80; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.25.7580; Available from:

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Alcohol,  Alcohol abuse,  Alcohol use disorder,  Counselling,  Resilience
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