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Assessment of Smart Home: Security and Privacy

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Home automation is now extremely common in Internet of things services and devices with a range of assurances to improve health, lifestyle, and customer wellbeing. In terms of its success and apparent utility for humans, intelligent homes possess various safety concerns resulting from the diversified, vast-range, and nuanced nature of IoT. Previous studies have talked about security and privacy issues. However, we observe that they have not addressed the risk assessment of each smart home component and corresponding security objective along with additional factors that affect a smart home security posture. In this study, we have proposed a framework defining a standard level of security and then analyzing each component concerning it. There are so many vulnerabilities, but all cannot be assessed due to the heterogeneity of devices and their connection in a small network. IoT can support a wide range of technologies and programs in various domains, including smart cities and smart houses. For monitoring, data exchange, and other operations in the given service, IoT smart objects communicate with other elements such as proxies, mobile devices, and data collectors. While such components help solve various social issues and provide consumers with modern advanced services, their restricted computing capacities render them vulnerable to well-known protection and privacy risks.


Akshat Goyal, Mugdha S Kulkarni. Assessment of Smart Home: Security and Privacy. Cardiometry; Issue 24; November 2022; p.400-409; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.24.400409; Available from:

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IoT,  Security,  Smart Home System,  Home Automation,  Data Exchange
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