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Alcohol Addiction & Comorbidity of Depression

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Alcoholism and depression are linked to a towering rate of unhealthiness, impairment, and casualty, and constantly co-occur. Psychiatric problems can exist or complicated by alcohol use. People who are recessed are largely added to misuse alcoholics. The existence of one increases the hostile effects of another. Both alcohol abuse and depression can be bettered by treating them. As one heals, another’s symptoms can ameliorate as well. However, it is not a plain course. It’s life span practice that can ameliorate healthiness and well- living over periods. Challenge to prove effective management alternatives to handle both depression and alcoholism and to co-opt into health- care structure.


N. Nirmala, V. Hemavathy. Alcohol Addiction & Comorbidity of Depression. Cardiometry; Issue 24; November 2022; p.997-999; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.24.997999; Available from:

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Alcoholism,  Depression,  Health care infrastructure,  Lifetime practice
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