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Use of sentiment analysis in social media campaign design and analysis

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Sentiment Analysis is the process by which opinions are defined and categorized as positive, neutral, or negative in a given piece of text. It is a vital part of every strategy for tracking social media. It helps to understand what someone is thinking behind a social media post. Knowing the emotion will provide valuable background for the businesses to move further and react. Over the last decade, numerous studies have been carried out on how businesses can use Sentiment Analysis to understand and quantify the feelings of their consumers about their brand, products, and services. An in-depth analysis of the existing empirical literature on SA regarding social media campaigns is provided using a systematic review of the literature. This paper presents the findings according to the preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analysis (PRISMA). The aim is to create a resource of the methods and techniques used in the studies to assist both researchers and academia. We subsequently identified the corpus trends, challenges, and implications. We suggested avenues for further research in the application of SA in social media campaign design and analysis.


Shruti Gupta, Raghav Sandhane. Use of sentiment analysis in social media campaign design and analysis. Cardiometry; Issue 22; May 2022; p.351-363; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.22.351363; Available from:

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Sentiment Analysis,  Opinion Mining,  Social Media Listening,  Customer Engagement Behaviour
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