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Interdisciplinary educational approaches in Healthcare Organizations

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Background: Healthcare professionals' perception of Interdisciplinary Education is an essential factor that affects their acceptance of this approach to education. From the literature related to patient safety, it has been identified widely that healthcare team communication and performance are critical to providing safe care to the patient. Poor organization and team dynamics among healthcare professionals appear to impact the safety and quality of patient care. The lack of Interdisciplinary Education in healthcare institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia negatively impacts the work dynamics of the healthcare team.


The study results showed that the majority of health care workers showed a high awareness level for IPE. Therefore, female nurses who have been working in special units and have experience of more than five years are perceived more than other specialties. Also, health workers in special units showed a higher percentage than in the general wards, and females were ready more than males. Only one item helped to determine the differences in perception which is the “perceived need for cooperation”.


IPC should be initiated by universities than by health organizations starting at the level of leaders of medicine, nursing, and other disciplines who should be aware of the importance of IPC that would benefit patients as well as health institutions. Leaders must take IPC cooperation seriously by putting it into consideration in the vision of departments and thus starting to establish small-cooperated teams, which include various specialties.


Mohammed Al Tous, Ahmad Alkhaibary, Hussein Alabssi, Ahmad Haimour, Amal Alqarni, Maissa Alqaryouti. Interdisciplinary educational approaches in Healthcare Organizations. Cardiometry; Issue 22; May 2022; p.154-159; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.22.154159; Available from:

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Interdisciplinary education,  Healthcare professionals,  Inter professional collaboration
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