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Elena M. Frantsiyants

Elena M. Frantsiyants, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Deputy General Director for Science at the National Medical Research Center for Oncology at the Russian Ministry of Health, being a highly qualified expert in the field of pathophysiology and biochemistry of various malignant neoplasms, develops and implements original methods and techniques of laboratory diagnostics and assessing the effectiveness of therapy.
It is difficult to imagine a person who is more passionate about science than Elena M. Frantsiyants. The field of scientific interests of Elena M. Frantsiyants is the problem of the relationship between the organism and the tumor growing therein. The main goal is to study the metabolic features of the tissue of a malignant tumor, its metastases and recurrences, as well as the tissue surrounding the tumor. In parallel with the tissue, the state of blood and biological fluids is studied in the presence of a malignant process in the body, since the liquid medium reflects all changes and alterations occurring in the organs and systems in an organism that makes it possible to assess the full extent of neoplasm damage to the body.
In recent years, under the direct participation of Elena M. Frantsiyants, new laboratory methods and techniques for diagnostics, treatment and prognosis have been developed and properly patented. These methods are successfully used in clinical practice that enables to individualize the treatment of patients with cancer of various localizations, reduce the overall level of postoperative complications and mortality.
We should mention Elena M. Frantsiyants has already built her rich legacy of science that is evidenced by pure statistics: she has written 714 research papers (over the past 3 years - 240), published in Russia and abroad, and there are 114 patents protected her patent rights (18 over the past 3 years). She is the author of a brilliant monographic work appeared under the title “Lipid peroxidation in the pathogenesis of a tumor disease” and a co-author of the monograph “Complex treatment of primary malignant glial tumors of the cerebral hemispheres”.
We have mentioned more than once that there is the historical tradition and continuity of the research areas at the Rostov Cancer Research Institute, now called the National Medical Research Center for Oncology. From the first years of the creation of the scientific experimental and clinical base, which was headed by the first Deputy Director for Science, Professor Maria A. Ukolova, and it was just Ukolova who formulated and developed the scientific field covering "The role of neuro-endocrine disorders in the development of malignant tumors". It is remarkable that after 65 years in this great science relay racing the baton is firmly gripped by the right hand of Professor Elena M. Frantsiyants, an outstanding researcher of the same high rank. Her consistency, sense of purpose, large-scale vision of problems is combined with her fantastic novelty and an effulgent flash of intuition to discover, which, like all talented people, descends at night along the path led only by God!

Such innovative ideas have been confirmed by the development of mitochondrial therapy methods, which, upon the suggestion by Elena M. Frantsiyants, have created simply explosive pathogenetic conditions for inhibition of the growth and resorption of aggressive tumors in the experiment. With a wide research front of metabolic, structural, adaptation studies organized by Elena M. Frantsiyants, we may expect further significant results and advancement in modern oncology and cardiology.

We wish her creative success and new priorities in science!

Alla I. Shikhlyarova
Doctor of Biological Sciences
Professor, Honored Healthcare Worker
The National Medical Research Center for Oncology
Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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