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Mikhail Rudenko

Mikhail Yu. Rudenko celebrates in February, 2024 his 70th anniversary!

Mikhail Yu. Rudenko is a founder and innovator of a new fundamental science: cardiometry. He is a famous Russian research engineer, who has dedicated all his scientific potential to design & development of innovative medical instrumentation. As fate would have it, on his professional path he was lucky enough to devote himself to science. After graduating from the Taganrog Radio Engineering Institute, M. Yu. Rudenko worked at research and development programs for designing and manufacturing original equipment for space flights. His outstanding expertise and experience allowed him to solve very sophisticated problems in the space flight medical instrumentation area. As a result, he has made 10 fundamental scientific discoveries!

We should stress that science and education are inextricably linked in his life. He has established the first private educational institution in the former USSR and Russia: the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was an initiator of opening a private clinical institution there. The wide range of his works was not limited to scientific research. He has founded one of the first private secondary schools in Russia. Subsequently, his activities were concentrated on in the private higher education system in Russia. The vast experience accumulated by him has been successfully applying to his present-day activities in the state-owned education system. But science remains the highest priority in his life.

The creation of a new fundamental science is always an exclusive exciting event. That is applicable in full to cardiometry as a natural science. With the use of cardiometry, co-founded by M.Yu.Rudenko, it has become possible for the first time to properly describe the performance of a healthy heart. Cardiometry is available to everyone today. The logic of diagnosis and the ease of understanding the basics of the theory make cardiometry an art.

M. Yu. Rudenko pursues his efforts aimed at further development of the theory of cardiometry, and his current research interest includes formulation of a new theory of therapy with an application of low-intensity electromagnetic waves. The medical devices, operating on this basis, which were created by him, are really unique. They can be effectively used to treat functional disorders of a human organism that opens up absolutely new prospects of this sort of therapy in medical practice.

Our congratulations and best wishes to the Hero of the Day! We wish new advancements and achievements in science and education!

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