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Protein Energy Malnutrition-an Overview

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Protein-energy malnutrition or PEM is the condition of lack of energy due to the deficiency of all the macronutrients and many micronutrients. It can occur suddenly or gradually. It can be graded as mild, moderate or severe. In developing countries, it affects children who are not provided with calories and proteins.


Florence Nightingale K.A., Sathiyalatha Sarathi, V. Hemavathy, Jenifar Monisha A., Pandian B. PROTEIN ENERGY MALNUTRITION-AN OVERVIEW. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.-; DOI: .; Available from:

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Protein energy malnutrition,  Kwashiorkor,  Marasmus,  Calories,  Classification of PEM
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