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Potential Lifestyle Indicators of Health among White-Collar Workers during the SARS-Cov2 Pandemic in India

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Lifestyle is well known to be a player in the health of society, increasing the number of concerns on lifestyle diseases accounting to increase in the mortality to the coronavirus pandemic make it more evident. The COVID-19 pandemic is a dreadful disease caused by the recently discovered coronavirus, still at large affecting the lives of millions across the globe. The lockdown and social distancing are known key factors that can slow down the spread apart from host immunity. The objective of this study is to find the effect of many lifestyle components in influencing host immunity and health. Methods: COVID lifestyle questionnaire was designed by experts and digitally circulated. The aim of the study is to determine the importance of the various lifestyle components in health, during the Covid 19 pandemic. The questionnaire was related to pandemic lockdown work style, stress, sleep, food habit, physical activity, social connectivity, personal habits, perception of health factors and healthy practices. Results: The 94 valid responses in total, and the data showed that the lifestyle component of (i)work duration was high in (n=37, 35.6%), (ii) physical stress at work was high and above in (n=49, 46.6%), mental stress at work (n=65, 61.9%), (iii) sleep -bedtime beyond 11:00 PM (n=71. 68.3%), sleep duration below 6 hours (n=54,51.4%),(iv) change of food habit (n= 61, 58%), (v) low physical activity (n=42, 40.4%), low exercise (n=56, 53.3%), (vi) social interaction, decrease in peer (n=60, 57.1%), decline in friends (n=55, 52.4%), increase in a family circle (n=64, 61%), increase socializing activities (n= 74, 71.1%). Chi-square test to determine the association between categorical variables showed an association between Lockdown, Food, Social habits, and personal time with a significance of p

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Lifestyle,  Food,  Stress,  Sleep,  Physical activity,  Immunity
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