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Comparision study analysis using deep learning algorithm for breast cancer

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Mammograms screening, which are administered to detect breast cancer in women and they have no apparent symptoms. The mammogram diagnosing are mainly used after the suspicious results while on screening or sometimes after the signs of breast cancer it will help us to guide the physician for check that particular region or that tissue. In order to identify the affected region by the help of segmentation technique. An effective way for detecting the breast cancer affected regions in mammograms by image segmentation method. It will give better diagnosis for tumor affected regions.The proposed model helps to improve the diagnostic performance of breast cancer disease. In order to detect the tumor affected regions by segmentation technique. Further those segmented regions features are extracted and it is trained completely, finally trained images are classified by the efficient classifier of different classes in mammogram. Our process is to compare the deep learning model (CNN image features).Classification, feature extraction, segmentation, mammogram


G.Sudha, C. Selvi, N.Kaliammal, M.Varsha, R.Sujithra, E.Theerthammal, S.Kamali COMPARISION STUDY ANALYSIS USING DEEP LEARNING ALGORITHM FOR BREAST CANCER. Cardiometry; No.26 February 2023; p.-; DOI: .; Available from:

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Classification,  feature extraction,  segmentation,  mammogram
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