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Comparative estimation of proteinuria using spot urine albumin creatinine ratio and 24 hour urine protein among diabetics for detecting nephropathy


Purpose: Although proteinuria has been established as an independent risk factor of diabetic nephropathy, the timely and accurate estimation of proteinuria has scope for improvement. Hence, this study intends to compare the accuracy of spot sampled urine albumin creatinine ratio (UACR) to 24 hour urine protein among diabetics in the quantification of proteinuria. Design/Methodology/Approach: This prospective study was conducted amongst 120 patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Two types of urine samples namely spot samples and 24-hour samples were analysed across an array of clinical variables including urine biochemistry, kidney failure and glomerular filtration rate. UACR in spot samples was correlated with the 24-hour urine protein levels. The sensitivity, accuracy, specificity and predictive values of UACR for proteinuria were determined. A p

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Albuminuria,  Creatinine,  Diabetic Nephropathies,  Proteinuria,  Urinalysis
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