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Social media as new effervescent tool for higher education post Covid-19

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All Industries and Business People are running behind social media as today’s customers, their suppliers, all prospective employees, and all stakeholders also found on these media platforms. Popular Social media platforms, such as Google Hangout, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, are internet- based applications that build on the societal needs with strong technological foundations for Group communications and exchanges seamlessly. New generation technology-based eLearning platforms are incorporating these social media applications into learning environments also. Thus, they are challenging the status quo of traditional learning modes by using the latest technology innovations, including Social media.cSocial media is about building relationships with improved 24 x 7 communications and more interactively and excitingly learning from others. Hence, it can be used in the learning process to build and grow peer-to-peer interactions and improve peer learning, 24 x 7 Student support and help. “Peer to Peer learning” is a very imperative factor in any teaching and learning process. Information and awareness collected using social media by people can provide useful perceptions about various matters more than the traditional pedagogy with brick-andmortar structure. It can also be used for peer evaluations and determine one’s performance in the group study. The usage of social media has been growing in everybody’s life, and learning should not be an exception for the same. Some years back, it was considered bad to use social media, but today everybody is looking from another side. Universities and Institutions with their vibrant faculty/staff teams are adapting these changing needs of the new paradigm shift in Learning Settings and becoming primary adopters. Initial adopters have the early lead and reasonable advantage also. Today’s most prevalent social networks are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, used by the majority of people when you consider social media. The true social media experience is much larger than it is explored by many. These platforms can involve and engage students using Smartphone apps by developing interactive Android Apps, which can be used anytime and anywhere by the students. This research provides a comprehensive literature review of such tech-savvy University and Institution approaches and their value proposition for being competitive in this Digital Era using these Online and Social Media Platforms successfully to find out attractions and capabilities available in these media platforms.


Prashant B. Barge, Shilpa S. Parkhi. Social media as new effervescent tool for higher education post Covid-19. Cardiometry; Issue 23; August 2022; p.629-634; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.23.ХХХ; Available from:

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Social media,  E-learning,  Tech-savvy universities/institutions ,  Competitive advantage
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