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Handling and Protecting Medical Organizations and Patients’ Data in the Age of Technology

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This paper aims to examine the effectiveness of the data protection strategies carried out by managers across various organizations, including medical, and determine their awareness about data protection laws. It examines the role of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018 in India, determining the measures taken by HR Manager in handling the processes of employees’ data and the organization’s strategy. The study utilizes a qualitative approach of data collection, wherein HR managers conducted interviews from various organizations. Transcripts were further analyzed using text analysis to determine the effectiveness of data protection in the organization and how GDPR is helping in this process. The HR Managers will collectively identify the ways and means of data privacy and security that manage organizations’ data and strengthen their security measures. This study is expected to determine securities adopted by organizations. It would suggest more stringent measures to the HR Managers for data security in the future.


Shubham G. Mallick, Pooja Sharma. Handling and Protecting Medical Organizations and Patients’ Data in the Age of Technology. Cardiometry; Issue 23; August 2022; p.445-455; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.23.445455; Available from:

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Medical organizations,  Human resources management,  Data protection,  Data privacy,  GDPR,  Protection strategies
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