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Everyday Life of Slum Children: A Case study from Education Perspective

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Every year, the city of Pune attracts migrant workers due to urbanization, and these migrants form residential pockets called slums. Today, around 40% of Pune’s population lives in urban slums, around 11% of children, who have little or no access to education with the everyday hand-to-mouth struggle for survival. This study explores the lives of slum children and their educational conditions. Three case studies were conducted with three slums from uptown areas of Pune. Focus group discussions, interviews, and visual survey methods were employed, leading to qualitative analysis. Analysis threw light on the everyday challenges faced by slum children in accessing education. The visual studies imply the need for architectural intervention. The findings also suggest policy implications towards the provision of education towards the betterment of the lives of slum children. Working and learning are the two social processes; without breaking the legal structures on child labor, children working within the home as domestic labor or in the household enterprise is a common occurrence in urban centers, particularly among those who are household income is derived from the informal sector and who have lower income levels. Working modes and times differ depending on the situation. Owing to the size of India’s informal economy and attempts to reduce child labor trafficking, a strong emphasis has been placed on developing and implementing social policies that address child labor.


Aditi Deshpande. Everyday Life of Slum Children: A Case study from Education Perspective. Cardiometry; Issue 23; August 2022; p.319-325; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.23.319325; Available from:

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Slum children,  Education,  Learning center,  Case study,  Working and learning
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