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The state of the cardiovascular system in women during pregnancy

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The work is devoted to the study of the impact of pregnancy on the state of the cardiovascular system in women. The process of pregnancy is accompanied by significant changes in the rhythm of the heart performance and blood pressure, and the duration of the ECG waves and segments are not significantly fluctuated. The heart rhythm, gradually increasing, reaches its maximum value of 87.3 beats per minute (P < 0.001) in the last trimester, in women of the reference group 69.8. The minimum level of systolic blood pressure is 105.6 mm Hg, diastolic 69.5 mm Hg, detected in the second trimester of pregnancy, and the maximum - 146.4 and 88.0 mm Hg, respectively in the third one. The time of the P wave during pregnancy tends to decrease. The minimum time 0.151 s and maximum 0.162 in the reference is used for excitation from the atria to the ventricles in the third trimester. The coverage time of the ventricular excitation during pregnancy is reduced. Thus, the excitation in the third trimester occurred in 0.077 s, and 0.083 s in the reference group. In the reference group of women, the duration of QT was 0.346 s, and 0.331 s by the end of pregnancy.


Vakha A. Anzorov, Svetlana V. Moryakina. The state of the cardiovascular system in women during pregnancy. Cardiometry; Issue 21; February 2021; p.107-110; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.21.107110; Available from:

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Pregnancy,  Heart rate,  Blood pressure,  ECG indicators
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