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Nutritional and biological value of natural-bio shoots mung bean “Mungoltin”. Food and biological values

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Based on the results of our own research, examination of scientific dossier materials and reference literature data, it was established that dry powder Mungoltin made from the shoots of mung beans produced by Oriona-Scorpion LLC (Uzbekistan) contains a sufficient amount of protein, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, does not have a negative impact on the health status of experimental animals and does not result in functional and material cumulation. Acute systemic toxicity testing with intragastric administration of Mungoltin was carried out in 18 adult white male rats. Animals were divided into 4 groups. The animals of the first group received a nutrition dose of 5000 mg/ kg; the white rats of the second group were administered with a dose of 7500 mg/kg, and the rodents in the third group were given a dose of 10000 mg/kg, respectively. The animals in group 4 (the reference group) received distilled water. Upon a prolonged intragastric exposure to Mungoltin, no changes in biochemical parameters were detected. The activity indicators of alkaline phosphatase, trans-aminase enzymes and total protein in the blood serum did not differ significantly from those found in the reference group. Therefore, using Mungoltin will not cause a cytotoxic effect in relation to normal highly proliferating cells in an organism. The results of histomorphological studies of tissues of internal organs upon intragastric administration of Mungoltin within 30 days confirm the absence of toxic effects. According to toxicity parameters under the conditions of the above acute experiments, Mungoltin can be attributed to class 5 practically as a non-toxic substance.


Javokhir B. Khayitov, Guli I. Shaikhova, Dilshod D. Achilov, Munira J. Allaeva. Nutritional and biological value of natural-bio shoots mung bean “Mungoltin”. Food and biological values. Cardiometry; Issue 21; February 2021; p.78-84; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2022.21.7884; Available from:

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Natural-bio-shoots mung bean Mungoltin,  Cereal rice,  Nutritional and biological value,  Comparative assessment,  Toxicology
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