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Addressing our current topics: Modeling of Pathological Processes

Modern medicine is now facing a huge number of challenging issues, which are associated with the present- day circumstances: the gap between rich and poor countries in public health care and a new virus pandemic with actualizing of vaccination so that all this unfavorable combination has become an obstacle in developing fundamental medicine areas like cardiology and oncology.

We cannot find latest developments of complex pathogenetic therapy of complicated or modified forms of common diseases (CVD, cancer, endocrine and immune pathology), and this shall be attributed to missing fundamental developments capable of revealing mechanisms of mutually-interrelated, cross-actions and -effects of different nosological states.

This mysterious puzzle in medical science attracts more and more researchers who deal with a complicated clinical pattern made by comorbidity against the background of a primary disease. Therefore we think it is reasonable to treat in this Journal issue some conceptual ideas on extremely complex mutual relationships between a malignant tumor growth and some accompanying diseases as comorbidities. The term comorbidity is used in epidemiology to indicate the coexistence of two or more disease processes. It is known that most cancer patients have often a long list of other disorders and diseases like hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, CVD, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and thyroid diseases.

The question is how to read or properly interpret a highly sophisticated system like cancer in order to identify the factors modifying this malignant process? We think it is very expedient to apply modeling of combinations of “some driving forces” or “some driving factors” in a model system of the main process. By this means modeling different pathological processes, using the same testing subject, can be a key to an understanding of how complex inter-system relationships function.

The presented experimental research works make ambitious attempts to formulate the conceptual philosophy of the mechanism which determines the behavior of different types of a malignant tumor, including genetically modified cancer cells, under strictly defined conditions, namely, against the background of an accompanying disease in an organism: chronic pain or hypothyroidism, obesity or diabetes mellitus. The standardized profile in research Model-in-Model is opened due to an involvement of biochemical, electrophysiological, hormonal and morphological methods and techniques, the summarized results of which make possible to predict possible ways of control & regulation of tumor process, metastasizing, life expectancy and gender differences.

Our idea is to draw attention of our thoughtful readership to some papers published herein which treat modeling of pathological processes and reveal some salient features of actions and effects produced by comorbidities on a malignant tumor growth: we hope they will be useful and possibly can shine a light on many hidden mechanisms of control & regulation of key hemodynamics and cardiovascular changes found in the integrated homeostatic field in a human organism. The presented intriguing research works should invite and motivate other scientists to make next steps to further amazing fundamental studies.

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