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Fundamentals of age-related and functional digital pulse diagnostics

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The development of a matrix pulse wave (PW) analyzer became a reality thanks to the implementation of a 3-point PW sensor in 2017, when the test results of the mock-up sample were published.

Later, a mobile medical device, which was given provisional name the Pranayama Gadget, was designed and developed by our research team. It is the first mobile medical device capable of tracing undistorted PW of the radial artery.

Our article presents some algorithms for processing the PW signal, based on the authors long-term research in the field of measurement and analysis of the PW signals. In particular, a big role in the development of this discipline is played by the new spline base of PW reference patterns that forms the basis for the digital pulse diagnostics.


Igor S. Yavelov, Andrey V. Rochagov. Fundamentals of age-related and functional digital pulse diagnostics. Cardiometry; Issue 19; August 2021; p.113-116; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.19.113116; Available from:

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Matrix analyzer of pulse waves (PW),  Digital pulse diagnostics,  Spline database of age-related PW reference patterns,  Functional load
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