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The effects of essential oils and music on the bioelectrical activity in brain

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We studied the effect of essential oils and music fragments, as well as their various combinations on the brain’s electrical activity parameters. We showed the character of their impact on the basic EEG frequency bands, identified localization of sources for specific activity. It was found that the olfactory and musical influence of different modalities have unidirectional effect on the bioelectric activity indices. This EEG response is most likely associated with a common mechanism for implementing the effects of audio and odorant stimulants. It was found that the response to the combinations of sensory effects has different intensity. These data permit the sensory effects to be ranked in terms of their activation level, which makes it possible to purposefully influence the psycho-emotional states. Our findings are the basis for developing further methods and programs of modifying the athletes’ functional states.


Alexey Doletskii, Nikolay Sentyabrev, Elena Gorbaneva, Rada Achundova, Grigory Klitochenko. The effects of essential oils and music on the bioelectrical activity in brain. Cardiometry; Issue 19; August 2021; p.100-105; DOI: 10.18137/cardiometry.2021.19.100105; Available from:

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EEG,  Sensory effects,  Essential oils,  Functional music,  Athletes
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