Cardiotoxicity: a challenge for modern oncology

* Corresponding author


The article provides a modern vision of the problem of cardiotoxicity in oncology. Integrity and generality of nodal pathogenetic events in the body in case of carcinogenesis, antitumor therapy and cardiopathology are caused by similar mechanisms at different hierarchical levels. Identity of potential risk factors, including inflammation, aging, obesity, diabetes and smoking, has been noted.


Oleg I. Kit, Elena M. Frantsiyants, Elena A. Dzhenkova, Oksana V. Katelnitskaya, Alla I. Shikhlyarova, Aleksandr B. Sagakyants, Ekaterina V. Verenikina, Yuriy А. Gevorkyan, Yuriy А. Fomenko, Vladimir S. Trifanov, Aleksey N. Shevchenko. Cardiotoxicity: a challenge for modern oncology. Cardiometry; Issue 13; November 2018; p.8-14; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2018.13.814; Available from:


Cardiotoxicity,  Cardiopathology,  Carcinogenesis,  Trastuzumab,  Tissue homeostasis,  Antitumor effect
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